Wastewater Utility Worker IV

City of Pueblo
Pueblo, CO

The Wastewater Utility Worker IV is a non-exempt position that reports to the WW Collection Supervisor. The Wastewater Utility Worker IV performs moderately technical and manual labor duties supporting the Wastewater Collection division. Duties and tasks include cleaning, maintaining, inspecting, and repairing sanitary and storm sewers, drains, manholes, and catch basins. The Wastewater Utility Worker IV provides supervision to employees of a lesser classification.

This job description is an overview and is intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed.  It is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all the functions and tasks required of the position.


  • Operates power sewer cleaning equipment such as sewer rodders, sewer bucket machines, high-velocity pipe cleaning machines, vacuum machines, compressors, and other tools and equipment for cleaning storm and sanitary sewers, manholes, and catch basins
  • Operates light and heavy motor vehicles and equipment such as backhoes, loader, and skid steers
  • Flushes and cleans sanitary and storm sewers
  • Constructs, repairs, and maintains manholes, sewer pipes, and catch basins
  • Maintains fluid levels including water, oil, battery level, and anti-freeze on all vehicles and equipment
  • Performs vehicle pre-trip inspections in accordance with the State and City policies
  • Operates television trucks and equipment for closed-circuit television inspection of underground sewer mains, manholes, vaults, and other appurtenances
  • Enter manholes and other permit-required confined spaces to inspect, clean, and repair sanitary sewer mains and manholes
  • Establishes and maintains proper traffic barricades and signs when working in the public right of way
  • May perform after normal business hour locates
  • Supervises employees of a lesser classification and serves as the responsible person in charge of the crew


  • May perform duties of similar classifications of an equal or lower pay grade
  • Operates and maintains sewer pump stations
  • May act as Collection Supervisor in the absence of the WVV Collections Supervisor


  • Required heavy lifting of up to 50 pounds is an essential function of this position
  • Requires good hearing to communicate with other staff members, hear audible alarms and listen to equipment to detect possible problems
  • The incumbent must be able to perform a full range of body movements and manual dexterity to inspect, maintain and repair equipment including sanitary sewer mains and appurtenances; operate and adjust equipment or controls; perform data entry work on a computer; drive City vehicles; perform other essential functions


  • The Wastewater Utility Worker IV shall possess the following knowledge, skills, and abilities:
  • Knowledge, skill, and ability to operate equipment for cleaning storm and sanitary sewers
  • Knowledge, skill, and ability to operate the television truck and equipment for closed-circuit television inspection of sewer mains, manholes, vaults, and other appurtenances
  • Ability to operate light and heavy motorized equipment
  • Knowledge and skill to inspect various types of sewer mains, manholes, pump stations, and catch basins and detect deficiencies and repair them when necessary
  • Knowledge of methods of scraping, rodding, and flushing sewers, vacuuming and cleaning manholes and catch basins
  • Ability to use chemicals safely and properly, including mixing and application, and use the information provided in material safety data sheets (MSDS) properly
  • Ability to make on the spot decisions
  • Knowledge of traffic and safety regulations, including but not limited to proper barricading and signing when working in the public right of way
  • Knowledge of city streets and locations of sewer mains, manholes, vaults, and other appurtenances
  • Ability to supervise employees of equal or lower classification effectively
  • Ability to follow safety procedures and rules, including those pertaining to confined space workspace areas
  • Ability to lift and carry equipment and supplies frequently weighing 50 pounds or more
  • Ability to understand and perform mathematical calculations related to wastewater including algebra-level math to calculate areas, volumes, flow rates, and loading rates
  • Skill to perform data entry at moderate speeds, and use a computerizes system to query for information
  • Skill to operate a computer using Microsoft Excel
  • Ability to communicate, work successfully with, and provide good customer service to supervisors, other City employees, the public, and other agencies
  • Requires the knowledge skill and ability to successfully perform the essential duties of the Utility Worker Il or WW Utility Worker Ill classification(s)


In addition to the knowledge, skills, and abilities listed above, the position requires:

  • A high school diploma or G.E.D. equivalent;
  • At least two (2) years of experience as a WW Utility Worker Il or WW Utility Worker Ill, or equivalent experience in connection with sewer construction, repair, maintenance, televising and cleaning, which demonstrates the required knowledge, skills, and abilities;
  • A valid driver's license by date of application and a valid Colorado driver's license by date of appointment; and
  • A valid Colorado Class 4 Collection Operator Certification or an equivalent certification from another state at the time of application. If certification is from another state, must obtain a reciprocal Colorado certification within 6 months of hire.


The employee must obtain and maintain the required Class A Commercial Driver's License (CDL) within the first six months of employment. This position may be exposed to noise, moving parts, heights, dangerous chemicals and conditions, disease, damp areas, foul odors, cramped working places, severe weather conditions, and heavy lifting. The incumbent will be required to work evenings, weekends, and holidays. Overtime and step up may be required. The employee will be on call on holidays, weekends, and nights on a rotating basis. The incumbent may be called back for emergencies or to perform an after hour locate and must be willing and able to work in confined space locations and may be required to enter toxic atmospheres using a respirator or self-contained breathing apparatus. This position will be required to perform heavy lifting and climbing stairs and ladders.

All required licenses and certifications listed above must be maintained throughout the term of employment. Failure to obtain or maintain licenses and certifications may result in demotion or termination.