Emergency Preparedness and All Hazards Manager

Prince William County Service Authority
Woodbridge, VA

Position Summary:

The Emergency Preparedness and All Hazards Manager position serves as the Service Authority’s emergency management and response subject matter expert (SME) for emergency preparedness and response for all hazards for the Service Authority. Position is responsible and accountable for analyzing, designing, testing and deploying utility industry emergency management and response solutions that enable the Service Authority to prepare for, mitigate the effects of, respond to, and recover from all-hazard emergencies. Position is responsible for responding to and leading the coordination of response activities during emergencies, disasters, and significant events. Overall goals are set and the worker determines the specific tasks and assignments to be performed independently, handling new unusual problems and deviations encountered in the work. This position is also responsible for the following:

·        Embracing performance excellence and the Malcolm Baldrige Framework.

·        Evaluating and ensuring work processes are documented, measurable and effective.

·        Understanding stakeholder requirements and seeking continuous improvement and innovation.

·        Exhibiting and emphasizing the Authority’s mission, vision, and values; and supports the Authority’s initiatives and business goals.

·        Leading by example and engages, inspires and encourages other employees.


Position Responsibilities/ Essential Job Functions:

·         Leads emergency management, oversees SA-wide physical security policies as it relates to vulnerability assessments, resilience across all Divisions and safety at the Service Authority (SA).

·         Coordinates comprehensive and integrated planning efforts through staff collaboration, committees, and systems to serve the common mission of the SA’s emergency preparedness concerns.

·         Collaboratively assists on coordination of comprehensive and integrated cyber security planning efforts working with Integrated Utility Management Division/Information Technology staff. Audits cyber security emergency preparedness and implementation of cyber security elements.

·         Coordinates the development, preparation, review, updating, and maintenance of the SA's emergency response plans, procedures, and guidelines for All-Hazards response, according to state and federal requirements and standards.

·         Remain informed and aware of cyber security efforts and incorporate them into comprehensive SA-wide All-Hazards planning.

·         Develops and maintains strong partnerships with local, regional and national organizations to strengthen the SA’s ability to prevent, respond to, and recover from all forms of emergencies and natural or man-made disasters.

·         Plans, coordinates, and executes the testing of SA response plans through seminars, workshops, drills, table-top, functional, and full-scale exercises.

·         Develops and leads exercises to test and evaluate the SAs emergency preparedness and continuity of operations plans for the All-Hazards, including natural disasters, pandemics, terrorist incidents, and technological disasters.

·         Conducts Service Authority-wide vulnerability assessments incorporating continuous local area threat assessments.

·         Maintains leadership role for the SA in matters regarding regional disaster preparedness and response, and physical security.

·         Represents the SA in information sharing, planning, and coordination efforts with other agencies, including, serving on local, state, and national boards and committees.

·         Serves in the County’s Emergency Operations Center EOC as needed.

·         Plans, develops, coordinates, implements, and monitors policies and programs related to emergency management, disaster preparedness, disaster mitigation, response and recovery, physical security; develops education and training materials, standard operating procedures, and targeted education and training activities related to emergency preparedness.

·         Develops Emergency Preparedness & Security Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and performance measures, monitors and reports.

·         Works directly with key representatives from response partner agencies, including governmental and nongovernmental organization stakeholders, to promote knowledge of SA plans and procedures.

·         Advises Service Authority administration on critical issues affecting emergency preparedness, physical and cyber security and initiates appropriate actions.

·         Responds to and leads the coordination of response activities during emergencies, disasters, and significant events.

·         Oversees the physical security standards, policies, procedures, and systems and the SA-wide security programs and recommends corrective measures as appropriate.

·         Advises senior management on security matters; makes recommendations on the adoption and application of SA-wide security plans, SOPs, policies and procedures.

·         Leads or investigates situations involving security breaches and makes recommendations to management on such findings.

·         As needed, provides cost estimates for long-term security resources and physical vulnerability costs and assists in budgetary planning and long-term security planning.

·         Researches water and wastewater industry developments in security to maintain awareness and consider improvements to current standards, policies, procedures, or systems.

·         Responsible for overseeing physical security measures designed to safeguard personnel and SA property, prevent or delay and identify unauthorized access to facilities, equipment, materials, safeguard personnel against violence; and safeguard personnel against violence; and safeguard SA property against theft and intentional damage.

·         Manages and oversees security activities, such as inspection and oversight.

·         Implements and oversees physical security education, training, and employee awareness.

·         Reviews the daily Dispatch logs to identify security failures. 

·         Initiates, maintains and oversees contracts with security firms.

·         Manages security cameras and is responsible for overseeing employee badging and access.

·         Responds to incidents where security is breached and reports, evaluates, and implements corrective actions for identified security errors.

·         May be deemed essential at any time.

·         Performs other duties as assigned or required.


Essential Skills and Experience:

·         Knowledge of the theories, principles and concepts of 24-hour operations as applied to industries such as wastewater collection and treatment or drinking water distribution, emergency management, physical security, effective techniques of supervision and leadership, administrative practices including budgeting, personnel management and purchasing, computer equipment and software related to assignment, English usage, spelling and grammar.

·         Knowledge of the concepts of comprehensive emergency management, such as mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery; thorough knowledge of incident and consequence management; knowledge of NIMS protocol; knowledge of key issues affecting emergency preparedness; knowledge of the practices of local emergency management.

·         Knowledge of FEMA and Homeland Security of the principles and practices of public administration and government organization; knowledge of federal and state funding regulations related to emergency preparedness; general knowledge of supervisory principles and modern management practices; general knowledge of community organizations and services as they relate to public administration.

·         Skill in public speaking; skill in handling intense and chaotic emergency situations; ability to develop, manage, and evaluate comprehensive emergency management programs; ability to supervise subordinates.

·         Ability to work cooperatively with external agency representatives, County officials, federal and state government officials, and the general public; represent the Service Authority effectively to other public agencies; operated computer equipment and software related to assignment.

·         Ability to plan, organize, and direct emergency preparedness and physical security operations; provide leadership in the planning, maintenance and operation of physical security at facilities and safety programs; implement effective compliance measures in response to regulatory requirements; evaluate staff and program effectiveness.

·         Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing. Establish and maintain effective working relationships with others encountered in the work.

·         Experience supporting or leading emergency management and physical security for geographically distributed facilities in a lifeline critical infrastructure sector.

·         At least six (6) years of progressively responsible experience in program management and development related to emergency management, critical infrastructure protection, disaster recovery and resilience, and at least two years of supervisory responsibility.

·         Bachelor’s degree in Emergency Management, Public Safety, or related field.

·         Experience and/or familiarity with the National Response Framework (NRF).

·         General knowledge of security measures to protect staff and property.

·         Or combination of education and experience as described above.


Preferred Skills and Experience:

·         Seven (7) or more years of progressively responsible experience in the fields of Emergency Management Public Safety, or related field.

·         Experience providing emergency management and security in the water/wastewater industry.

·         Master’s degree in Emergency Management, Public Safety, and/or related field.

·         Current designation as a Certified Emergency Manager (CEM) through the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM).

·         Completion of American Water Works Association Utility Risk & Resilience Certificate.


Special Requirements:

·         Must possess and maintain a valid driver’s license consistent with Service Authority policy requirements.

·         Must successfully pass a credit check.


Reporting to this Position:

·         Supervises and directs the work of others.